Fine Dining

If you’re headed to a capital city or cosmopolitan hotspot, chances are you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to cuisines and restaurants. 2015 saw plenty of new additions arrive on the culinary scene, including unique fusion versions of classic German and Austrian food, a massive boost in the popularity of the simple broth, and takeover of authentic Mexican cuisine to replace the watered down TexMex recipes that were once so popular. Please visit online casino australia and make extra cash.

So Where Do You Eat?

One of the success stories of the year was the ‘Dirty French’ culinary trend, an innovative upgrade of more stuffy French cuisine. This new take on nouvelle cuisine means tiny portions and presentation are out of the window, replaced with more rugged ingredients, a grittier finish and far less finesse when it comes to presentation. That’s not to say the flavour’s gone away, however.


Following on the trend from previous years, healthy cooking also found its way on to menus across the globe. This is no bad thing, but once meant many of the more desirable flavours of your favourite dishes were compromised in favour of leaner, less appealing alternatives. Nowadays, with there’s no need to ditch flavour to ensure a narrower waistline. With innovative flavour combinations and recipe refinements, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food with all the great taste you remember.

2015 was also a year that taught us the food we were told was bad for us, necessarily wasn’t. Ingredients like blood sausage found its way back onto the menus, and into the hearts and minds of delighted diners the world over. Looking for the best dishes to savour during your next trip away? Take a punt on bold flavour combinations and plates including Morcilla, dynamic new caviar dishes and everything chickpea related.

Want to ensure you get the best plate of food possible during your travels? Jump on the trend of pulling up a kitchen-side seat and get advice from the chef directly. Depending how far from home you are, you’ll want to be careful about what passes your lips, but you’ll always get the best recommendations, recipe and usa online gambling suggestions and feedback with a front-row seat of where the magic happens and visit for information .

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